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“Romex Electrical Industries Indore, India., M.P’s one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Industrial Heaters, successfully positioned in the domestic and international trade.

“Romex Electrical Industries” designs, manufacturers and exports all types of Industrial Heaters and the number is increasing rapidly.

Roma has successfully supplied heaters for many machines for Plastic & Rubber Industries like Injection & Blow Moulding Machines, different types of Extruder machines and for many more heater applications & the number is still increasing.

Romex's Heaters are quality products - at every stage of their development and manufacturing they have to pass high quality standards & this high standard quality guarantees the long-lasting and reliable operation of the heaters. Our wide range of best quality products gives our customer the level of satisfaction they want to smoothen their business operations & Satisfied Customers are the Back Bone of Romex Electrical Industries

To accomplish this we share our technical and practical experience with the customer, suggest suitable heater to their application. For number of OEMs and industries, we design, develop and manufacture the heater suitable to their requirement having proper watt density, which will save their power, machine downtime and increase productivity.

Our Motto covers our ideals: ”To give complete customer satisfaction by supplying them the best quality and on time delivery, at the same time being totally committed to serve customer in best and fastest way, improvement and development of new products”.

Our Products

Kettle Type Elements with Ejection Device

made out of copper tube, nickel plated with automatic ejection device, suitable for heating water, for instrument sterilizer electric kettles and distilled..[Read More]

Oil immersion heater

Cast iron flange with thermostat pocket and cap suitable for fuel oil heating, circulating systems which supply hot oil to plastic processes, oil jacketed kettles..[Read More]

Industrial water immersion heater

Copper tube, nickel plated heating elements for heating of water and industrial hot water bath, water jacketed apparatus, side arm circulating process..[Read More]

Long Life "U" Shape Air Heaters

The heaters are made out of 8.2 to 8.5 mm dia chrome nickel steel tube with adjustable brackets. Maximum surface temperature 6500c. these air heaters.. [Read More]


24/7-A MPLUN Compound,

Industrial Estate, Kila Maidan,

Indore-452006 (M.P.)


Mail Us: romexheater@yahoo.com

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