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Ceramic Heaters .
This is an advance version of perforated ceramic heaters this works on a principle of forced convection for quicker response to overheating and accurately controls temperature of barrel. as soon as barrel exceeds set temperature, blower is turned on. excess heat from barrel is carried away be the air through faced convection. via rapid heat up and accelerated cool down feature, it responses very quickly in case of even a minute deviation from set temperature. thus it reduces thermal shocks, material burn-out problem and maintenance related problems.


Our Products

Kettle Type Elements with Ejection Device

made out of copper tube, nickel plated with automatic ejection device, suitable for heating water, for instrument sterilizer electric kettles and distilled..[Read More]

Oil immersion heater

Cast iron flange with thermostat pocket and cap suitable for fuel oil heating, circulating systems which supply hot oil to plastic processes, oil jacketed kettles..[Read More]

Industrial water immersion heater

Copper tube, nickel plated heating elements for heating of water and industrial hot water bath, water jacketed apparatus, side arm circulating process..[Read More]

Long Life "U" Shape Air Heaters

The heaters are made out of 8.2 to 8.5 mm dia chrome nickel steel tube with adjustable brackets. Maximum surface temperature 6500c. these air heaters.. [Read More]


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